Real Estate Insurance

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At the Schneiderman Insurance Agency, we understand the risks of the commercial real estate industry as well as the unique needs of property owners throughout California. We offer a comprehensive variety of coverages to help you insure your commercial real estate buildings and portfolios. These include multiple offerings in property, casualty and specialty insurance products with customizable options including the ability to write large real estate portfolios with multiple buildings at various locations.

Whether you own and operate an office building, apartment building, retail shopping center, industrial warehouse, condo association (HOA) or other commercial property, the Schneiderman Insurance Agency has an insurance solution to meet your needs.

 Real estate owners, managers, and developers operate in a dynamic industry in which everyday risks such as natural hazards co-exist with more complex challenges. The ever-changing nature of the real estate industry is bound to spawn new risks that must be dealt with. Zachary Schneiderman’s personal experience as a licensed California real estate agent, in addition to his 10 years of work in real estate development and property management, gives him an edge over your everyday insurance agent.

Whether you’re a commercial real estate developer, property manager or property owner, navigating the complexities of commercial real estate is a challenge. Maximizing occupancy, negotiating contracts and finding the space to meet your growing clients’ demands — you run in circles for your clients. So when it comes to insuring your properties and securing profits, you need straightforward coverage.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance Coverages

Business Property – Consequences resulting from an unexpected fire, hail, or other claim, can be overwhelming. Business property insurance offers protection against the unexpected claims to make sure the future of your commercial real estate is safe and sound.

Business Income – We do everything we can to protect our business investments. Business income coverage will make sure that if your business suffers a loss that forces you to temporarily close your business for repairs or replacements, you will continue to receive the income your business expects in order to be able to pay bills, and payroll.

Tenants Move Back Coverage – Tenants Move-Back covers the costs for tenants to return to your property after being temporarily relocated due to repairs.

Building Code Upgrade – When you have to rebuild your property as a result of fire or other claim, it’s very likely that building and construction codes and changed. These changes may unexpectedly increase the cost of rebuilding. Building ordinance coverage will provide additional protection to make sure your business can rebuild to current standards.

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