Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution insurance provides flexible and dynamic insurance coverages that help you find balance between your suppliers and your customers

At the core of our global economy, you will find a thriving wholesale distribution system – much of which is run by small and medium size business owners. Each day, you strive find a balance between your manufacturers, suppliers and customers. Meanwhile, your business has to be ever-aware of constantly changing distribution systems, freight, warehouses, fleets, docks and workers to keep your business healthy and your clients satisfied. You need wholesale distribution insurance coverages that are as dynamic and flexible as your business.

Schneiderman Insurance Agency is committed to assisting wholesale distributors protect their assets through comprehensive risk management programs, and flexible coverages. In the end, Schneiderman Insurance Agency can provide solutions for the most complex exposures like supply chain interruption, worker safety and ergonomics and fire protection systems.

If you are ready to explore new and different options for your wholesale distribution business, contact us and let us show you how we can help.

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