Earthquake Insurance

Whether you are purchasing mobile home insurance for your primary residence or a vacation home, the Schneiderman Insurance Agency is able to assist you in protecting your manufactured home with mobile home insurance that fits your priorities and your budget

Since the 1900’s, earthquakes have occurred in 39 states, and roughly 90% of Americans live in areas considered to be seismically active — yet only a very small percentage of homeowners actually purchase earthquake
insurance.Most residential insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage – a separate policy is required.  Earthquake insurance covers some of the losses and damage that earthquakes can cause to your home, belongings, and other buildings on your property. Without earthquake insurance to help you recover from catastrophic damage, you will be responsible for all costs to repair or rebuild your home, to replace your personal property, and to live and eat elsewhere.Contact the Schneiderman Insurance Agency today and we will be happy to explain what is covered under an earthquake policy and answer your questions.  Whether you want to focus on protecting the structure of your home, the contents and your possessions, or want a plan that offers additional living expenses, we can help tailor a plan specifically to you!

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